Full Stack Growth Partners

Branding & Design, Web Development, Digital Strategy, E-Commerce Solutions

Our business is to build yours

Red Giraffe is a modern consultancy that helps build businesses by generating ideas, building products and accelerating growth. We build websites, mobile apps and digital campaigns for startups & small-to-mid size businesses.

Our Services

Brand Design

We create memorable brands, engaging brand messaging, user-driven interfaces and cohesive design systems.

Web Development

Website development, custom web applications, seamless API & ERP integrations — just a few of our favorite things.

Digital Strategy

Strategy is the cornerstone of long-term growth. We’ll work together to develop digital strategies that grab your audience’s attention and keep it for the long haul.

Ecommerce Solutions

Bespoke ecommerce is our love language, but we also build Shopify stores. Either way, we’ll make it effortless for users to shop and checkout.

Featured Projects

Genus Power

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Embrace change and accelerate growth

As a business owner and leader, you realize it’s time for change. The impact of Covid-19 has completely transformed how every industry will grow. With the world accelerating even more rapidly toward digital, this is an opportunity to reflect on the past and approach the future with new intent.

To stay relevant, stay ahead, and stay competitive in this new business and economic environment, businesses need to shift their mindsets and adopt new practices.

Are you ready?