A catalyst for possibility & growth

We are full stack growth partners and offer cohesive digital services for forward-looking businesses looking to spark new ways to grow.

Why Choose Red Giraffe Digital?

Creative collaboration underpins everything we do as a growth agency. We build close-working relationships with our clients to work with goals in mind whilst offering a wealth of digital expertise. From startup-ups to leading companies, we develop bespoke digital strategies to deliver websites, apps and campaigns that perform. We are a multi-talented creative team who think outside the box from a standard web agency. We are brave, insightful and aren’t afraid to speak our mind.

We are a fully remote agency serving clients globally. We feel the benefits of operating as a remote first agency far outweigh the challenges. This is true for our clients and team members. With boundless talent and efficiency comes boundless potential and opportunities. (And, yes, agile can be executed remotely.)

Our Values

Stay Curious

The world is constantly changing, and the more we ask, explore, wonder, understand, and ideate on, the more we can accomplish. Curiosity helps us understand what’s happening today, so we can define what’s possible tomorrow for ourselves and for you.

Care Truly

About our work. About our partners. About each other. We’re at our best when we care about what business growth means for you, caring about your customers, and why we’re even doing it in the first place. By opening up our hearts, we create human connections that benefit everyone.

Listen, Adapt & Respond

Change is inevitable, so it is those who welcome it and respond effectively that succeed. That’s why we find not uncertainty in change, but wonder & possibility in it. It’s a new opportunity to create, to collaborate, and to change our world for the better.

Believe In Possibilities

There’s magic to be discovered through business, technology, and creativity. It’s in there, in us, and in you, but only if you believe in it. When you do, we can transform businesses and inspire people to engage with brand and business — even to fall in love with them.

The Philosophy of the Red Giraffe

Think Big, Start Small, Move Fast, Have Fun

At Red Giraffe Digital, we are deeply inspired by the qualities of the wonderful mammal. We try to embody those characteristics such as adaptation and agility with our practice.

Being the tallest mammals in the world, we can see industry changes coming from a mile away. We are actively looking at new ways to help you and your business adapt to those changes.

You may think that we are quirky when we walk by moving both legs on the same side of their body together; this makes us bold and different. We aren’t afraid to speak our mind to help you achieve you aspirations.

We, as Giraffes, have a highly-specialized cardiovascular system with an enormous heart (it’s two feet long and weighs up to 25 pounds) we care about your brand, your vision and your aspirations and will help you get to where you want.

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